Rent ostrich feather centerpieces

Hi! We have new pictures of our ostrich feather centerpieces. We did a bridal show in Cleveland Ohio.

ostrich feathers

ostrich feathers

18 Responses to “Rent ostrich feather centerpieces”

  1. Hello,
    I am pricing out these centerpieces and had a couple of questions. Do you do out of state rentals? If so, I was wondering what you would charge for 17, 16″ vases with white floralytes, turqouise and yellow ostrich feathers?
    I can make them my self for $700.00 and was wondering if it would be more cost efficent to rent.
    Please e-mail me at
    Thank you,

    • Hello! Yes we travel to all states! We do not carry 16 inch vases. We carry the 28 inch white eiffel vase they are $49 each and the 32 inch trumpet vases they are $59 each. Thank you for contacting us!

  2. What does the purple base has inside other than the light?

  3. Ann Wilkinson Says:

    Do you rent the plumes, alone, or only as the full centerpiece? My planner has the full centerpiece but only in white, I need colored plumes for a Mardi Gras themed event in December. Appreciate the help.

  4. If I wanted to buy the flutes and feathers, what would it cost.

  5. I’m interested in your feather centerpieces for my daughter’s sweet 16. It says you deliver out ot state. We live in raleigh, nc do you send them here? The party is June 18, 2010. Can you tell me about how much per centerpiece price wise? Thank you! We love the tall ones with the lights in them. Not sure about colors yet.


  6. Tristin Millang Says:

    Hi! Just wanted to know if you are able to do rentals in raleigh, nc? We are ery interested in these centerpieces for my daughters sweet 16. If you able to deliver here can you please give me some prices. We like the vases with the lights in them but we just are sure on the colors yet. Thanks!


  7. Latrell Says:


    I am very interested in the 32′ trumpet vase, with the lights using apple green and ivory feathers. I am in need of four (4). Are these the largest of your vases (Need (2) to the entrance of reception door). Can you give me pricing, availability for June, 2010 in Washington, DC.

  8. stunner2009 Says:

    i would like to know do you do the lilac and white mixed together and how cheap would you do them if i hired out 25

  9. I was wondering how much your feathers go for? we have the vases.. we will need 15 ostrich feather centerpieces

    • Hello thank you for contacting us. We appreciate you considering our company for your event!

      We require minimum rental of 12.

      Rental fees are below: Lampshade centerpiece $55 each

      Feather eiffel vase centerpiece $59 each

      Feather trumpet vase centerpiece $69 each

      Crystal Centerpieces $55 each

      Feather Spandex vase centerpiece is $89 each

      Feather trumpet Crystal Centerpieces $89 each

      Large head table/VIP feather crystal centerpiece $125 each

      If you have further questions give us a call. Have a great day!

  10. Hi I am interested in the center pieces above and I would like to know if you sell the center pieces and if you do how much would it be for 25.

    Thank you! Have a nice day!

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