Rent Ostrich Feather Centerpieces Tips!

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Yes there are tips to renting or purchasing ostrich feather centerpieces! You need to know the difference so you can make an informed decision!

Know that there are different types of ostrich feathers! Always ask the company or person you are purchasing from:

 “What type of feathers are they, Drabs or Male/Femina Winged Plumes?”

Drabs- If  you are on  a budget and just want some feathers to make your centerpieces on your own this is good. Keep in mind their tips dont give you that droop that most are looking for. Drabs more so give you that palm tree look. It will take more drabs feathers to make your centerpieces appear full.

Male Wing Plumes– Are the top of the line ostrich feathers.  More expensive than all other types of ostrich feahters. They have the beautiful droopy tips. They are fluffy and wide. You dont need to use many to get a nice full look for the centerpiece.

Whether you choose drabs or the male winged plumes, always ask: “Are they grade A and are they hand picked?” If the answer is no,  remember they maybe slightly damaged or not as nice as you want them to be. If you dont mind you can still make them work for your budget.

Stay tuned for further tips!! 

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