Sweet 16 feather centerpieces

At the Hyatt Hotel in New Brunswick NJ , we setup the ostrich feather centerpieces. In the color of hotpink and black, our white Eiffel tower vases with white lights. It was a beautiful sweet 16 party!!

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Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece


Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

4 Responses to “Sweet 16 feather centerpieces”

  1. These are amazing!!!

  2. This is very beautiful, i would like to know how much for a centerpiece

    • Hello thank you for contacting us. We appreciate you considering our company for your event!

      We require minimum rental of 12.

      Rental fees are below:
      Lampshade centerpiece $55 each

      Feather eiffel vase centerpiece $59 each

      Feather trumpet vase centerpiece $69 each

      Crystal Centerpieces $55 each

      Feather Spandex vase centerpiece is $89 each

      Feather Crystal Centerpieces $89 each

      Large head table/VIP feather crystal centerpiece $125 each

      If you have further questions please reply to this email or give us a call. Have a great day!

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